Youtube Red Free – Youtube Red Original Review Online

Youtube Red Free – Youtube Red Original Review Online

With the advancement and innovation of technology, people are seeking ways to avail more and more services on the internet. YouTube Red is one of the most famous services available on the internet. Every teenager or internet user is well aware of it. It offers services like YouTube Apps, YouTube Gaming, YouTube Kids, and Music.YouTube Red

To avail services from YouTube Red, a user have to pay monthly for subscription and get new features that will help in browsing YouTube.

The term YouTube Red is different from using the features of YouTube. The concept and facility provided are entirely different. If you are unknown with this term, then let us guide you with this feature. YouTube Red was introduced back in October 2015. The concept of Youtube gained popularity within a short span. Get to services and amazing features offered by Youtube.

What services YouTube Red offers?

Subscribing to YouTube features does not mean that you cannot browse the regular videos. It is just that you get to have some additional features that will make your YouTube experience easy and fun.why i go to youtube red

1.    Ad-Free Videos

The most attractive feature YouTube offers that no pop-up ads appear while watching YouTube Videos. That is the worst thing about the ad is that we have to wait for several seconds to watch a video. However, the problem is solved with YouTube Red. Now watch videos without the interruption of the ads.

2.    Play Video in Background

It is very irritating to receive a must read notification to watch video on YouTube via mobile devices using YouTube. But with YouTube Red you do not need to do that. It offers background play that means that you could still play the video while working on the other apps. It provides better usability while subscribing the YouTube Red.

3.    Save Offline

It is a very cool feature you can avail with YouTube Red. We cannot have access to the internet all time. But online facility should not stop us from watching a video. With YouTube Red offline feature, you can save the videos and add them to the playlist to watch it offline. So kill your boredom with saving offline feature. Isn’t it cool?

4.    Google Play Music Free:

If you have subscribed to YouTube red, then google play music is free. You do not need to pay any money to get access to Google Play Music. It is the best music app for music and offers best features. So with the subscription to YouTube Red you can get unlimited entertainment by Google Play Music free.

5.    Access to Original Content

If you don’t want to miss any of your important shows and are eager to watch every single detail, then avail the service of YouTube red. YouTube Red, allows you to have access to the original content. The user will be updated with the every single. YouTube Red notifies you with all the happenings available on Youtube.  Now you will never miss any of your favorite shows. You will get direct access to the original content.

What type of original videos does YouTube Red offer?

  • Broke: a series of a friend who is poor and moves from Philadelphia to Los Angeles.
  • Lazer Time: it is a movie featuring saving the earth.
  • Fighting off the Living Dead: Experiment 88; in this series, ten YouTubers are selected to sustain a zombie apocalypse situation.
  • Escape the Night: Joey Graceffa hosts the show which shows a real mystery murder solved.
  • Dance Camp: a show that is based on summer camp dancers.
  • A trip to Unicorn Island: it is a movie featuring a superwoman that is youtube and her experience of a world
  • Scare PewDiePie: it is based on a video clash of clan hack game that shows the surviving the haunted situations. It is a horror based video game.

YouTube Red also offers many more programs. To watch these amazing videos, you have to subscribe to YouTube Video Ranker .

What do you have to pay for these services?

The additional features provided on YouTube Red is not free. Just like other apps for watching videos and movies like Netflix and Amazon Prime, you have to buy the subscription. Similarly, the amount is $10 per month for Youtube Red. All of the services worth more than $10 because you will be entertained all the time. The subscription with this reasonable price offers a lot of services, and you can use YouTube more efficiently. The subscription price will allow the user to use it in more practical way. With a week of free trial provided, you can get to know these services better and decide it’s worth. The subscription charges vary for Android and iOS users. For IOS users the subscription costs are $13.

How can you Subscribe to YouTube Red?

There are some simple steps you need to follow to get YouTube Red subscription which is as follows:

  • Download the YouTube app
  • Create a YouTube account and sign in to that account
  • Search YouTube Red and go to the app.
  • Start the free trail and get to know these features
  • Complete the subscription by completing the payment method.
  • Once the purchase process is done, you are allowed to use the services provided by YouTube red.
  • If you do not understand the process the video tutorial is also available on YouTube.

Do YouTube Red effects the regular YouTube browsing?

YouTube is well known for watching free videos, and all type of content is available on it. But if you are wondering that after subscription, can you watch regular YouTube videos? Then the answer is yes; you can. The normal youtube browsing is not affected with YouTube Red. Having YouTube red will top up your ocean of game because it has a minimum effect on the content available on the YouTube. So you may want to subscribe to YouTube Red. The amazing services are provided on every YouTube app.

What effects does YouTube Red have on YouTube Music App?

When YouTube Red was introduced, an Android app for YouTube Music was also introduced by Google Play. It is a platform that has all the updates on the music. New album released, and all the music videos available are uploaded soon after the release. So you cannot miss any music video of your favorite singer, and get updated and entertained by your favorite music. The availability of app allows you to easily access it on your smart phones and have a decent library of the music track on your phones and iPods.

What is the response of public on YouTube Red?

People who do not like ads can have an enjoyable experience with YouTube Red. With the other additional features, it provides you a boost up effect for using all YouTube Apps. The music game for kids provides you optimum result. With the low subscription price and clarity in the content, it makes YouTube Red, an excellent app to use in your free time. So, get updated with all the content provided. YouTube Red provides the Google Play access for free music. It is also available with the subscription of YouTube Red.

Why Join YouTube Red?

If you are irritated by ads and feel bore when you are offline? Then enjoy the other apps while using YouTube and enjoy the access to original content. YouTube Red is your best option. It provides you the best opportunity to get updated about the popular videos and audios so get mesmerized by the music and entertained by videos. YouTube red gives you a perfect platform. With so many additional features it makes YouTube more efficient. YouTube Red provides an ideal platform for sharing your content, hitting likes and making your favorite music more popular. Not only the music app but YouTube Red also works with YouTube Kids app. Your kids can enjoy the rhymes and other content like animation. Kill your boredom and get entertained. YouTube Gaming App also supports YouTube Red. So for playing games, these features are also important and even if you are offline you do not need to stop playing games. The original content is only available in Red, so if you are a simple YouTube user, you are missing out on a lot of things. you can test CHARTER WIRELESS SPEED.

YouTube Red and Subscription Money:

YouTube Red happens to have additional charges but the difference according to other related app is that it offers more services than the cost. After reading the article, you would notice that the services provided are vast as compared to the money. You can see that how much it has offered with so many additional offers which would like to miss this chance. $10 are required only each month but what we are getting very executive features. With the extra features, the price is required that is the rule. And if you are provided with some opportunity you should avail it. So some additional features if provided should be worth some money.

Have You Made Up Your Mind yet?

Reading about all the information provided for YouTube Red you should sign-up today. And if you do not believe in what we said, enjoy the free trail for the getting to know the reality. Seven days’ free trial is offer for providing services to its user. Get your subscription today and enjoy the free trial of the additional features. Many people have joined YouTube Red and are absolutely in love with these additional advantages provided by YouTube Red. And the plus point is even you do not join you still are going to get YouTube features.

Promoting YouTube Red

YouTube red is encouraged in many ways. YouTube has millions of users, and they get to know the features of YouTube Red from the YouTube itself. You will also see a lot of advertisement on other social networking sites. Try it today and if you love the services then promote it as well. And joining is easy. All you need is to create an account, and it is done. The method is simple to follow, and you will be amazed. The promotion is done nicely, and as a result, you will see many people using YouTube Red.

YouTube Red Critics: 

YouTube Red has to face the critics as well. People are not satisfied by its features. They have said that content is same as the mainline content. YouTube Red takes more price than it offers the services. Red has some inappropriate site and content as well. Many Media companies are also part of YouTube Red. So it threatens them to remove the content shared at the Red. And even the trial package also deducts some of the money. But YouTube Red claims and has been reviewed by many. It is declared safe and secure to use. The truth is that YouTube Red is amazing to use. It owns many features which are safe to use for family or kids.


Knowing all about YouTube Red it is your call to join it. But getting to know the services and additional facilities is necessary. Getting its subscription is just some clicks away, so sign in to your YouTube account today. Sign up if you do not have an account. Many celebrities have also joined it and grab all the content shown on the YouTube. With Red, great unique, more updated and entertained content is accessible. Get rid of those irritating ads, play music videos even when you are not online and play videos in the background while working. All of this is just some clicks away. All the music provided and the content is original. Watch what others are not allowed to access and become different. YouTube Red gives you the opportunity to grab it all with a verified account for sign in. A lot of content is accessible with the ease of home. So do not miss this chance. Get entertained by the video while traveling, no boredom without internet access. Pay only once enjoy the whole month. Within the short span of time, Youtube red has gained popularity. Do not wait now. Just join today.

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